Limited Edition

Waffle Board Wallets

The Original Waffle Board Wallets are a special piece of the games past. Carry on the heritage of the game with these incredible limited edition pieces.

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Horween Leather

Founded in 1905, Horween Leather has been marked by many as the world's best leather. Nestled in a 200,000 square foot building in downtown Chicago, the tannery produces some of the most unique blends of leather that are still to this day made by hand.

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The Journey Starts With The Leather

At Second String Leather Company, our goal is to find unique goalie equipment that has been pushed aside by time and repurposed into one of a kind leather goods.

- Handcrafted In The USA -

1st Period

Discovering the games past.

2nd Period

Reconditioning and repurposing the leather.

Our Story

3rd Period

Quality lifestyle goods.

building quality leather goods from the games past

Look The Part With our stylish apparel

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